What is Psyche.Art

Psyche.Art is an algorithm art collection of 888 OG on-chain butterflies. People holding butterflies can play the breeding competition game to earn ETH bonus. Attributes of butterflies are fully generated and stored on the smart contract. The Female and Male butterflies have breeding ability with a pair of same wings. The Androgynous ones called ghost have no breeding ability with a pair of different wings. Ghosts are rare. See more details below. Tools of generating artworks made by Aaron Penne is under the MIT License.
Normal Butterfly
Androgynous Butterfly(Ghost)

Attributes Description

3/3, 2/2, 1/1, 0/0
Rest Count / Max Count
True, False
False : Breeding Count is 0
Female, Male, Androgynous
Androgynous ones can't breed
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1 for OG, 2~5 for Children

How to mint

  1. 1.
    The requirements to start minting butterflies are an Ethereum Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask, and ETH to pay for gas fees.
2. Pay attention to the countdown to the public sale. Public OG minting will be available when the countdown disappears.
3. Hit the MINT button after selecting minting number. Each address can mint up to 5.
4. Each butterfly price is 0.09 ETH + Gas fees. The 10% of mint price(excluding gas fees) will be automatically deposited to the breeding bonus pool.
5. OG minting rate: 50% female and 50% male. No androgynous.
6. The team claims 88 butterflies for marketing.

How to breed

Breeding User Interfaces

Breeding System (Example Data)
INVENTORY : A list of your holding butterflies. Red border ones are female. Blue border ones are male. Golden border ones are androgynous. Grey border ones represent none available breeding count. Golden and Grey ones can not breed any more. Choose butterflies to do breeding action from this list. Click an inventory item, it will be put on the breeding window.
ANDROGYNOUS BONUS : A list of addresses that earn the prize of breeding androgynous butterflies.
THE LAST 10 ADDRESS : The latest 10 breeding addresses.

Breeding Guide

1. Prepare two butterflies of opposite sex

Choose two butterflies of opposite sex (a male and a female) from INVENTORY and hit the “BREED” button. Each breeding, you will be charged breeding fees 0.02 ETH and gas fees for a new butterfly. Meanwhile the parents‘ breeding count will be reduced once.

2. Notes on Breeding Count

The maximum times allowed for 1st generation(OG) butterflies to breed is 3, second generation 2, 3rd and 4th generation 1. The 5th generation and androgynous butterflies have none. When the breeding count is 0, breeding cannot happen.
Butterfly Attribute
Breeding Maximum Times
1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation
Androgynous Gender

3. Generation of butterfly

The generation of a newly bred butterfly is determined by the older generation of the parents. For example, the offspring of a 1st generation butterfly and a 3rd generation butterfly is a 2nd generation butterfly.

Breed to earn(P2E)

Bonus pool

Besides the 10% of minting fees, all breeding fees (excluding gas fees) will be automatically deposited into the bonus pool on the smart contract. And for every 500 newly bred butterflies, the project team will add 1 ETH to the bonus pool automatically. (Total 7 ETH)
Stats Panel

Androgynous butterfly

If the newly bred butterfly is an androgynous butterfly, you will directly take 50% of the current bonus pool into your wallet. The rate of breeding an androgynous butterfly is 0.5%.

5th generation butterfly

Since holding a 5th generation butterfly, you have 50% chance to get every breeding fees back(0.02 ETH excluding gas fees).

Final Bonus

Each successful breeding action will reset the bonus countdown to 12:00:00. If no butterflies have been bred in 12 hours, the bonus pool will be divided amongst the last 10 breeding addresses. The breeding system will also be permanently closed. Pay attention to the bonus countdown. You should breed before the countdown over.


Step 1

The whitelist and public minting phase. All butterflies will be revealed when sold out.
The 10% of the minting price(excluding gas fees and the officially claimed part) will be automatically deposited to the breeding bonus pool.

Step 2

The butterfly breeding system will be activated after revealed on official website.
All the breeding fees will be took into the breeding bonus pool.
Breeding race starts!

Step 3

After breeding ends, Psyche.Art team will keep developing more digital arts and combine with gameplay.
Please follow our official Twitter account. Maybe there will be an airdrop.

Good Luck

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